THE PORTKEY | Jomalig: beyond golden

“Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool
Bringing back memories
From a photograph of you.”

Ha! Sorry, I had to scratch the last part. I thought the words were perfect, too bad this isn’t about love or anyone. But it’s true, I am quite sentimental and I hold memories so dear. And what better way to immortalize those memories than in photographs. Like you guys, I have my share of favorite shots in my travels. I figured why not post my own selection and give life to them. Hence the birth of THE PORTKEY.

That said, let me begin this segment with one of my most treasured shots from my trip to Jomalig, Quezon.


If there’s one photo I keep scrolling back to, it’s definitely this one. It is quite ironic that while this has been a favorite I haven’t posted this anywhere online. Apparently, I couldn’t draft the perfect caption to describe how I felt. But one look at this photo and the feeling fires up; definitely a memory portkey.


That day, we went around the island and this was our first stop: the fish sanctuary in Sitio Landing. This scenic spot was perfect for a panoramic shot and could give you an unimaginable view of the raging waters crashing on rock formations — something I didn’t expect to see in Jomalig. I was expecting golden sand, yes, because Jomalig is famous for its golden beaches. But these huge boulders and coves (Lingayen cove was equally breathtaking!) came out as a lovely surprise. Dear, Jomalig was far more beautiful than I expected.


Facing the open waters atop the towering boulders felt so surreal. I felt vulnerable and free. Seeing the waves explode into mists as my feet dangle a few meters above gave me quite a thrill. I understand how tropical beaches are often associated with sunny blues, but in our case, the weather decided to be gloomy. But I loved how it turned out anyway. Waves, wind, grey skies and boulders… These guys did the trick.


Freedom. That’s exactly what I felt in that trip. I was free to be just me, no filter. Not that I pretend on a daily basis. It’s just that, as professionals, we are expected to act a certain way. There are things we’d like to do but just can’t, right? Imagine being sucked up in all your responsibilities, stressed in all your dealings, and then struggle to look presentable in the day — that’s quite a lot! While I love my job so much, taking life too seriously can be heartbreaking for a free spirit. I’ve always been hungry for a release, and luckily it happened right here in Jomalig.


Once you hit adulthood and responsibilities choke you in the neck, there is no turning back. But you can’t keep fighting and die trying to live. Take it easy and always take a respite. That’s what I realized during my stay in Jomalig. Everything was peaceful and slow: I woke up to the sound of the rain, drank a hot mug of coffee, got cozy in a warm sweater, watched the skies as raindrops fell, got smothered in my silence and allowed nature to speak. I will never forget my trip to that little island in the Pacific. I embarked on an adventure, got drunk in life and felt unapologetic for feeling like a kid once again. Thank you, Jomalig! May your sand remain ever so golden.


(I did warn you about me being sentimental, didn’t I?)


Location: Sito Landing, Jomalig, Quezon | Photo credit: MAPajares

THE PORTKEY. In Harry Potter, a portkey is an item enchanted to instantly bring whoever touches it to a particular place. In this blog, being a Potterhead herself, the author considers her favorite shots her portkeys. These photos are highly memorable to her, so memorable that one glimpse can take her back to that very moment. The brief feature could be about her lingering thoughts about the place,  the juicy backstory, strong emotions she felt about the experience, or perhaps her reflections on life.


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