Change for the better

So here’s a rather spontaneous post that I do once in a blue moon. Apparently, posting here have become so rare that I no longer make promises to myself. I’m obviously far-off from being consistent (and coherent).

But here I am,  writing an entry. Surprise, surprise! Thanks to these midnight thoughts that kept me awake (that don’t necessarily kick in at midnight, sometimes a tad early — say 11:32), I finally found the urge to make do of this space.

Today marks our sorority’s 49th anniversary. We’re on the road to gold, people! I tell you, it is a big deal. To stand strong through tides of time and continue the legacy for almost 5 decades is a quantum leap.

“Change for the better, seek the noblest.”

So our motto states. I have these words etched in my mind since I joined way back in 2007. And I can’t help but ponder on its relevance to me, to us all.

Let’s be honest, oftentimes we’re scared of changes. Especially if these changes mean letting go, starting anew or going out of our comfort zone. Naturally, we may find ourselves keeping our guards high, braving our way through, or taking a step back.

It’s like floating freely in an open sea of chances and failures, where waves either become calm or turbulent, where tides go high and low. Not only is change constant, it is necessary. And if it’s not clear to you, alas, that’s how life goes. Whether we like to take these changes or not, the universe will conspire for us to make a move.

Changes aren’t always pleasant; some can get downright ugly. These changes may trample our spirits, make us less capable, take us to the unfamiliar, or drop us lower. But as my takeaway from people go, circumstances don’t make a person, choices do. It may not be up to us how we’re thrown, but the choice is ours on how well or bad we land.  People react differently, change differently.

Like you, I’ve had horrendous phases in my life. Just recently, our family went through a heart-wrenching loss; that one change I still find so hard to live with. Losing a loved one creates emptiness, and taints happy memories with longing. I broke down. But I can’t let loneliness make me forget the essence of living. We have to move forward; even though the pain gets unbearable each day without her presence, we know we will endure.

Change is inevitable, there’s no way of knowing what life serves you. Whatever changes you have to live through, always strive to morph into a better version of yourself. Flow gracefully with time. It’s not going to be easy, be the changes good or no. It takes a great deal of attitude to strike a balance. The next time you’re swarmed with challenges left and right, you’ve got to remember you have to come out wiser, stronger. Change for the better.

Sweet dreams.


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